Three-Legged Goose:

Three Legged Goose is intended to be overlaid on your price chart.


Three-Legged Goose is an all-in-one intraday trading system. This indicator features a sleek and fully customizable opening range breakout overlay with automatic price targets, alerts, and periods, built-in Average Daily Range Zones, pre-programmed anchored VWAPs, total volume, and ATR analysis, as well as our state of the art quad momentum trend detection. Three-Legged Goose additionally has important daily levels, including the previous day’s high and low and the current days open, three fully customizable moving averages, a customizable moving average cloud, and a standard vwap. Using this indicator allows you to get rid of any unnecessary indicators that are taking up those valuable slots in TradingView. 


AVWAP + ORBS- This system begins to build off of our recommended 15min opening range and does all of your price target calculations based on the width of the opening range. These targets are fully customizable within the settings, allowing fine-tuning from ticker to ticker. We have pre-programmed three avwaps as a dynamic trend-finding instrument at different time intervals. These, along with the opening range breakout system, can help you quickly spot the day’s trend and dynamic support and resistance long before your standard moving averages have caught up with price intraday. 


Average Daily Range Zones- We calculate the difference between the daily highs and lows, averaged over a set period, and then overlay it once the day opens. These zones tend to act as areas of major support and resistance and the projected volatility of the underlying on that day.


Quad Momentum Trend Detection- Quad momentum analyzes four-directional and momentum signals: TICK, ADV/DCN, VOLD, and the underlyings price movement. We paint our analysis directly on your candles. By taking our overall market internals + our underlyings price movement, we can find areas where we can feel comfortable putting more risk on or taking risk-off. This will help those that struggle with identifying trends and valid reversals.


All of the default settings are our recommended settings.


Tick+ is intended to be displayed under your price chart.


Tick+ offers a complete all-in-one market internals dashboard. It features a real-time NYSE or NASDAQ  tick chart, a dynamic advancers/decliners vs. VOLD chart, a comprehensive market internals table readout including both NYSE and NASDAQ instruments, defensive and cyclical sector’s daily inflow/out, and a readout to check daily Put to Call ratios quickly. All of these are fully customizable, so you can keep an eye on securities that are important to you!

The tick chart keeps track of the current level and the intraday high and low ticks, plotting them directly on the indicator with probable reversal zones.

The advancers/decliners vs. VOLD chart dynamically scales both instruments together to easily detect divergences that are known to cut the noise from the market and give an accurate indication of the day’s trend. 


Last but not least is our Market Sync Indicator below our Live Tick chart. This small but powerful indicator analyzes the inflow and outflow of each exchange’s underlying securities. This will show if we have divergence or confluence between ETFs and underlyings giving intraday trend signals. When all the markets are in harmony, we will plot a green or red readout that will appear below the tick. A gray readout means we do not have all exchanges moving together. We have included an easy signal on our internals table labeled “trending,” which will let you know if the market is in agreement before you trade. This “market sync trending system” can also be programmed with an alert to take advantage of the system entirely.

You can customize every aspect of this indicator to fit your chart layout, whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal stack with the tables and the graphs. All of the default settings are our recommended settings.