How It Works


Education is one of our main goals at TFC, which is why we’ve built an educational platform with content for everyone, regardless of you skill level.  


Whether you are looking to learn technical analysis, options trading, or how to spot a long-term investment, we’ve got you covered! 

•Daily Market Recaps at 9pm ET


Live Classes at least once a week


Educational videos on trading, technical analysis and investing


Discord feature breakdowns and walkthroughs

Website –

  • Investing Course – Written by Thomas Watts. It covers the basics of long-term investing. (Coming Soon)
  • Technical Analysis Course – Included with the Standard plan and above. Written by Avery Mitchell. It covers EMAs, Elliot Waves, Supply and Demand Zones, and more!

Hosted by Sig and Dapper, these classes teach everything from the basics to advanced trading techniques needed to take your game to the next level. 

Do not miss these.

Community Chat

At TFC, we’ve built a community of like-minded traders and investors focused on growing together, both personally and financially. Our algorithms and tools are just one perk of being a member of the TFC family.  

Here you can talk about stocks during the trading day, ask technical analysis questions, and share your trade ideas.

Looking for access to traders with more experience? Look no further. 


This is the main chat room and is a place to discuss trade alerts, ask questions about how to trade better and find like minded people. With a full team of experienced traders it is the place to be to grow as a trader.

Sig and Dapper, our day trading/swing trading experts, run this chat along with their Tendies2Go Idea room.  Here they will educate and inspire you to make money. Also used as an educational chat if you have a question about the market or becoming a better trader this is the place to be.

This is where you will find Avery during the day. Talking through Elliot Wave plays and supply and demand. This is a primary chat room to focus on.

We have our very own Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is able to answer your questions about trading and paying your taxes.

Trade Ideas

Experienced traders help teach and present ideas that you may have missed. TFC has amazing traders on staff all dedicated to teaching top notch technical analysis and actionable ideas.

Each trader has their own style of trading. Look for ideas based on your own style in these rooms.

This is where our Head Technical Analysts Sig and Dapper share their content and ideas with community members.  

Focused on longer term plays from shares, to spreads, to long term growth strategies like the wheel. 

This is where our Head Technical Analysts share their content and ideas with community members focused on day trading. Find Avery’s day trades here.

Algorithmic Alerts

A trader’s tools are the most important thing in their arsenal, which is why TFC has built out tools to help give traders an edge in the market. 



Use these tools to get ideas on what is moving and filter out the noise of the market.


Alerts can be found on discord or on the website here.

Our proprietary technical analysis algorithm has been custom-tuned for each ticker to provide full trade plans with profit targets, stop losses, time in trade averages and more.  This is the most advanced algorithm we currently have.

The recommended strategy is to trade ITM options expiring at least a month out or even trade with shares.

To learn more click here

The day traders best friend.

This tool detects Rapid Buy To Open Orders on the Call and Put side for every ticker we pull option flow data for.

Again it’s detecting repeat buying activity. On the exact same option chain. In a rapid fashion saving you the time required to look for this option activity.

Once this type of activity is detected it will signal to you the exact option chain this money is being moved too. (where other buyers are going.)


Read more here

These alerts are set by our team of experienced traders. They are meant to provide potential entries but it is always important to confirm a breakout before taking a position. 


Use these alerts to get tickers on your watchlist and create your plan for when the breakout confirms.

If you’re looking for the unicorn this is it. It’s so rare for an oracle to fire you will often forget it even exists.


The Oracle Algorithm has one goal. To scan for an order so confident; You almost have to be an insider to place it.


These orders are 1 Million dollars in value, out of the money, at or above ask, and expire in a very short period of time.


Read more here

Swing Trader? Day Trader? Paper Trader? Doesn’t matter. Nimbus is for you.


The Nimbus algorithm is designed to hunt for the “sneaky” institutional, and uber confident buyer activity.


This tool looks for aggressive, same day, repeat Buy To Open activity; in the same option chain for every ticker we store option flow data on. 


These orders are also unusual by nature due to their fill, expiration, strike, and cost of the order as each order must be greater than or equal to 100k in value.


Read more here

Everyone loves a good whale alert.


This tool does exactly what you think it does. Scans for large whale activity.


Whale signals are created when a large buyer places an order at a value of one million dollars or more. The value is of importance here but more so the strike in which they choose.


Whale orders can come in for a multitude of reasons. News, Dividends, Insider information, one of two legs to a spread so it’s important to look into why they may be moving such large sums of money.


Read more here

Useful to both the Active and Passive day or swing traders.


The Unusual Flow tool detects confident buying activity by searching for six-figure Buy To Open option orders that are unusually aggressive in nature due to their strike, fill, and expiration. 


Once these orders are detected a signal is generated on the exact option chain seeing this activity saving you the research time to find this option activity.



Read more here

Our Major Flow algorithm is designed to monitor large and aggressive option flow orders. These alerts are classified into three levels.  


Level 3: Very aggressive $1M+ option orders

Level 4: Mega aggressive option orders 

Level 5: Ultra aggressive option orders (Extremely rare).


Read more here

Options flow signals for market indices SPY, QQQ, IWM. These are great tools for monitoring the overall market sentiment and gain insight on reversals or continuations in a general directional move. 

Caution: These alerts can detect hedges against open positions, so they may not always be representative of the intended direction.

Our Minor Flow algorithm monitors aggressive option flow orders, which can provide insight into where the next actionable play may be.

These alerts are classified as Level 1 and Level 2. 

Level 1: Can be triggered off of $99K or less orders.

Level 2: Can be triggered off orders ranging from $100k-999k.

Our LEAP Flow algorithm monitors for large flow orders with far-out expirations and alerts possible long-term leap ideas. These alerts show long-term sentiment for particular stocks and help detect general consensus on an overall direction.

SPY Mflow net (and only SPY Mflow net) takes the market flow for 20k tickers and compares the overall calls being bought/sold & puts being bought/sold. When there is a major spike up or down in calls/puts catch the move that follows.

What Should I Pay Attention To?

Make sure you join the Discord @

Day Trader

Day Trader: Hands on with your trading;  Entering and exiting trades within the same day to catch quick moves.


Make sure you visit #alerts-selector on discord and sign up for @daytrade pings. 


All daytrade alerts can also be viewed on the website here.


Alert Types:

Rapid Flow


Breakout/Newsletter Alerts

Minor Flow

Major Flow

Market Flow

Cloud Alerts







Swing Trader

Swing Trader: Allows trades to run for multiple days. A bit more hands off trading style. This is best if you can check trades periodically but cannot watch all day long.


Make sure you visit #alerts-selector and sign up for @swing pings.


All swing trade alerts can also be viewed on the website here.


Alert Types:





Major Flow

Market Flow

Cloud Alerts

Breakout/Newsletter Alerts









Long Term Investor

Long Term Investor: Looking to build a long term portfolio with minor involvement. This is for those who want to find banger plays on a longer timeframe (weeks and months).


Make sure you visit #alerts-selector and sign up for @Investor pings


All leap alerts can also be viewed on the website here.


Alert Types:

Leap Alerts