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Welcome to The Financial Cloud! You are here because you dream about Financial Freedom, and we are here to help you along that journey! At The Financial Cloud (TFC) we welcome all types of traders. Our purpose is to help you pursue Financial Freedom through education, institutional-grade stock market trading tools, and a world-class community of expert traders. The Financial Cloud has helped countless others like you achieve the Freedom they deserve and desire.


Education is a top priority for our members. We have spent decades searching, learning, testing, and improving so that you don’t have to do all the leg work. You are learning from the best, as our expert traders bring over 100 years of experience and proven strategies to the table. We have over 500 hours of top-quality educational videos, and the content library is growing daily. On our Free Education Page, we have tons of wonderful content to get you started on your journey to Financial Freedom. These include a great place to start learning the basics of trading. On our Advanced Education page, you can access detailed videos to educate you until your heart is content. With a focus on Auction Market Theory you will have the opportunity to learn the only proven method of trading. Our goal is to help ensure you become a master trader, and this won’t be possible without absorbing all of this wonderful knowledge we have packed up for you. 

Live Weekly Class

One of the top features of our premium plan is our weekly live education classes hosted by Sig and Dapper. These two traders have been trading full-time for years and are both successful and consistent. With a background in auction market theory, they teach how to look at the market objectively and to read the price action as it comes. Join Premium today and get started on your education journey.

Community Chats

The home of our Freemium members. We foster a community filled with like minded people to discuss trade ideas, ask questions, and start your journey with TFC.
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Trade Chat | Dojo
Created by Avery one of our expert traders this room is designed to discuss day trade ideas and flow with Avery. You can learn more about Elliot Wave Theory here as well.
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Edu | Tendie Shop
The room where Auction Market Theory is discussed and taught. Sig and Dapper two of our expert traders have fostered a community filled with learning and success. You will find Sig and Dapper regularly answering questions or talking about the overall market. You may also stumble across the occasional meme.
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Off Market Chat
Dedicated to all things market related this is the place to be for your swing trades, macro event discussions, or just talk about your life. This is the hub of our Premium plan.
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Trade Ideas

Free Ideas
Free ideas given out by TFC staff or other trusted traders.
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Swing Trades
If you don't have time to sit and watch the computer all day and day trade, come here. You will find trade ideas that will allow you to enter and set your targets to come back later and exit. This is the perfect place for those with busier lives.
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Day Trades
Designed for those who have more time in the day and are looking for some quick in-quick out plays. These can range from scalp ideas to all-day trade ideas. Do not try and trade these unless you can sit in front of your computer and focus on the trade at hand.
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Sig and Dapper’s room for ideas. These can be charts, educational material, custom technical signals, and other useful information.
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Premium Tools

All TFC tools are designed to bring attention to our users. These signals are not meant to be purchased directly at the signal fire but rather show where others are putting money and catching unique trade opportunities. Please pair all signals with technical analysis and a trading plan. You can learn new technical analysis skills here

SPY Mflow net (and only SPY Mflow net) takes the market flow for 20k tickers and compares the overall calls being bought/sold & puts being bought/sold. When there is a major spike up or down in calls/puts catch the move that follows.

Swing Trader? Day Trader? Paper Trader? Doesn’t matter. Nimbus is for you.

The Nimbus algorithm is designed to hunt for the “sneaky” institutional, and confident buyer activity.

This tool looks for aggressive, same day, repeat Buy To Open activity; in the same option chain for every ticker we store option flow data on. 

These orders are also unusual by nature due to their fill, expiration, strike, and cost of the order as each order must be greater than or equal to 100k in value.

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Useful to both the Active and Passive day or swing traders.


The Unusual Flow tool detects confident buying activity by searching for six-figure Buy To Open option orders that are unusually aggressive in nature due to their strike, fill, and expiration. 

Once these orders are detected a signal is generated on the exact option chain seeing this activity saving you the research time to find this option activity.


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Our Major Flow algorithm is designed to monitor large and aggressive option flow orders. These alerts are classified into three levels.  


Level 3: Very aggressive $1M+ option orders

Level 4: Mega aggressive option orders 

Level 5: Ultra aggressive option orders (Extremely rare).

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Tick divergences are a great tool to catch a move before it happens. These alerts are posted in the Tendies2Go channel and can bring attention to reversal patterns for daytrading.

This tool detects Rapid Buy To Open Orders on the Call and Put side for every ticker we pull option flow data for.

It detects repeat buying activity on the exact same option chain. 

Once this type of activity is detected it will signal to you the exact option chain this money is being moved too. (where other buyers are going.)


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Sell to open (STO) flow is a critical tool when used properly. STO can indicate a trend reversal coming up.


These signals should not be copied directly but rather give notice to the ticker and direction for your own plan to take over.

The Oracle Algorithm has one goal. To scan for an order so confident; You almost have to be an insider to place it.

These orders are 1 Million dollars in value, out of the money, at or above ask, and expire in a very short period of time.


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Whale signals are created when a large buyer places an order at a value of one million dollars or more. The value is of importance here but more so the strike in which they choose.

Whale orders can come in for a multitude of reasons. News, Dividends, Insider information, one of two legs to a spread so it’s important to look into why they may be moving such large sums of money.

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Hand crafted technical signals. These are designed for each ticker individually. These are designed to have a defined profit target and stop loss. When combined with your own technical analysis you can find a good entry and exit keeping in mind the stop loss and target built in. 


It is recommended that contracts taken are a in the money with a minimum of one month out in expiration or even shares.

Free Tools

Our Minor Flow algorithm monitors aggressive option flow orders, which can provide insight into where the next actionable play may be.

These alerts are classified as Level 1 and Level 2. 

•Level 1: Can be triggered off of $99K or less orders.

•Level 2: Can be triggered off orders ranging from $100k-999k.

TFC has partnered with the Aries Broker to provide full flow with a 15 minute delay in the server or full flow with no delay on the website here when you login with your Aries account.

On the website and in the discord there is a collection of breaking news you can use in your daily trading. You can find the news on the website here

Bonus Services

Tax Services
Premium members have access to a Certified Public Accountant who can legally give tax advice and assist with the complexities of trading and taxes. TFC Premium members also get a discount on filing their taxes with our resident CPA.
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Direct Message Alerts
Capitalize on getting information even when you are not in the discord server. TFC offers direct message alerts on most trade ideas. Type $sub in any bot command channel for a full list of alert types.
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Darkpool trades can be a useful addition to your trading which is why it is included in the TFC Premium plan.
Darkpool Dashboard
Affiliate Program
TFC offers a great affiliate program for those who want to share our service with friends. TFC offers a recurring 20% commission on any members brought to TFC. Find out more on our affiliate page.
Affilaite Page


Discord is the primary communication method used by TFC. While many of our tools are here on the website, even more are built on Discord. We highly recommend joining our Discord to get the full benefits and value out of The Financial Cloud.