How It Works


With education being one of the main goals of TFC we have a ton of available resources for everyone. From learning technical analysis and options trading to learning long-term investment we have you covered.



  • Daily market recaps at 9pm ET
  • Live Classes at least once a week
  • Educational videos on trading, technical analysis and investing
  • Discord feature breakdowns and walkthroughs

Website –

  • Investing Course – Written by Thomas Watts. It covers the basics of long-term investing. (Coming Soon)
  • Technical Analysis Course – Included with the Standard plan and above. Written by Avery Mitchell. It covers EMAs, Elliot Waves, Supply and Demand Zones, and more!

Community Chat

TFC is not algorithms and tools to use but also a community of like minded traders and investors all focused on making money and growing together.

Use this room to discuss stocks during the day, ask questions about technical analysis, and share your ideas with others.<
This is a chat room that gives more access to experienced traders, a place to discuss the newsletter and other premium features and chat with other serious traders.
Discuss long-term investing strategy, gain access to investors who focus on shares and long-term options, and have a place to discuss long-term goals.
We have our very own tax professional who is able to answer your questions about trading and paying your taxes.
Filter out the noise during the day and have a room to discuss trades with the staff who are on live voice trading each day. This is available exclusively to standard members.
We have several threads under premium chat which dive deeper into different strategies and are places to learn and discuss. Some of our key threads are wave snipers, the inside bar lounge and the rapid flow challenge.


Expert traders help teach and present ideas that you may have missed. TFC has amazing experts all dedicated to providing top notch technical analysis and actionable ideas.

Free ideas by our team of trusted traders. Each trader has their own style of trading.
High-risk plays that should be taken as lottery ideas.
Ideas geared towards small accounts. We have a few traders who do this and provide different possible ways to grow accounts from $1000 up.
Same ideas as above but with different traders. This is where Tomikazi, Avery, and other traders do their small account challenges. These challenges tend to use the alerts from the standard plan which is why this is premium only.
A place for the Heads of Technical Analysis to post their charts and trade ideas.

This room is used to post scans of all different sorts to provide ideas on what to watch or what to trade. Some examples are our custom omega scanner for unusual move potential, pull-back scanners, and more.

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Algorithmic Alerts

The tools which traders have are so important, that is why TFC has built out so many to help give you the edge on the market. Use these tools to get ideas on what to trade and filter out the noise of the market.

TFC’s proprietary technical analysis algorithm. This algorithm has been custom-tuned for each ticker to provide the highest win rates and call reversals into larger bullish moves. The recommended strategy is to trade ITM options 4 weeks out or even trade with shares.

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Custom-made flow algorithms scan for unusual options flow to provide an actionable edge on the markets. Rapid flows catch quick money flooding into a stock to predict a move upwards. These move quickly and the goal should be 5-10% returns on these trades. 

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Newsletter alerts and experienced trader alerts. These are alerts set by our team of experienced traders of possible trade ideas. These alerts are meant to provide entries but it is always important to have confirmation of the breakout. Use these alerts to get tickers on your watchlist and create your plan for when the breakout confirms.

Oracle alerts catch super aggressive options orders that indicate someone knows something and is willing to bet big money on a move. These can pay well but entries can come sometime after the alert. These can pay for multiple days.

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Nimbus takes multiple unusual orders that are being placed in succession and gives a high confidence play. When unique orders come flying this can indicate something is likely going to happen with that stock.

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Made to ignore the small fish trading and only catch the big ones. This algorithm is made to catch big buyers who know something is going to be happening before it happens. 

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A custom made flow algorithm which is made to catch unusual orders. These are catching larger orders between 100k and 999k that are out of the ordinary.  

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Level 3, 4, and 5 options flow information to track smart money by the “Big Players” – Level 3: Very aggressive $1M+ option orders – Level 4: Mega aggressive option orders – Level 5: Ultra aggressive option orders (Extremely rare).

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Options flow signals for market indices SPY, QQQ, IWM. These are great tools to see the overall sentiment of the market and provide insight to reversals or continuations in a general directional move. These flow alerts can detect hedges against open positions so these alerts may not always be representative of the intended direction.This can be found under #major-flow.
Monitors aggressive option flow orders by large and small traders which can provide insight into where the next actionable play may be.They are classified as Level 1 and 2. Level 1: Can be triggered off of $99K or less orders – Level 2: Can be triggered off orders ranging from $100k-999k.
Featuring large flow orders with far-out expirations and possible long-term leap ideas. The purpose of these alerts are to show where people believe a stock is going in a couple of months and provide general direction consensus. This can be found under #major-flow.
Featuring a technical analysis algorithm built by TFC the goal is to catch reversals or signs of weakness. Fortuna uses a multitude of tools to provide bullish or bearish signals. Keep on watch tickers that have multiple signals within the same trading period. These tend to have a high success rate and can indicate news or technical reversals.

What Should I Pay Attention To?

Make sure you join the Discord @

Day Trader

Day Trader: You want to be super hands on with your trading. Entering and exiting trades within the same day to catch quick moves. 


Make sure you visit #alerts-selector and sign up for @daytrade pings



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Swing Trader

Swing Trader: You want to buy trades and have them run for multiple days. A bit more hands off trading style. This is best if you are someone who can check trades periodically but cannot watch all day long.

Make sure you visit #alerts-selector and sign up for @swing pings


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Long Term Investor

Long Term Investor: You are looking to build a long term portfolio and have minor involvement. This is for those who want to find banger plays which will run for weeks and months.
Make sure you visit #alerts-selector and sign up for @Investor pings

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