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Daily live trading with expert traders. Sig and Dapper two of our expert traders who have years of experience trading and teaching Auction Market Theory come on and narrate the market and explain the trades they are watching. Charts are shared live and it is an opportunity to ask questions and get quick answers as you go through your day.


Other staff also will come on periodically when they have things to discuss or want to provide extra coverage.

A combination of staff picks, automated alerts and custom designed scanners there should be no shortage of trades ideas. 


All ideas should be have a clear plan on execution and provide opportunities to apply the lessons taught for increased success.

Options flow which cuts down on noise. With custom developed filters flow is narrowed down to the most actionable alerts possible. The flow which we display is a combination of large orders and further filtered orders which can show repeat buying, odd strikes and unique risk to reward opportunities.


Flow is not meant to be blindly followed but rather paired with TA (Technical Analysis) to provide optimal entries and solid price targets.

A collection of likeminded traders all with the goal of pursuing financial freedom. 


Gain access to a support system to help you learn and grow as a trader. A wide variety of members and tools all at your fingertips all within the discord app.

Dark pool trades are equity block trades executed over-the-counter (OTC) through a private exchange only available to institutional investors.


TFC gives you access to these trades in a clear dashboard to see where these large block trades are executed.

A custom coded bot reads flow alerts on discord voice. Get flow read to you live each day.


TFC offers a premium news bot which is read on voice. Get live breaking news read daily.


Important trade ideas or server updates get sent to you via direct message just by enrolling. Type $sub in any bot command room to see the full list of alerts available to subscribe to.

Our in house trading staff have developed hundreds of hours of premium educational lessons. These lessons teach the basics of options, fundamentals of TA and how to build these into a full trading strategy which can be applied to any trading median.

Each Monday starting at 4:30 our Lead Educators come on for new lessons. These classes are designed to teach new topics on trading methodology, trading mentality and more. Tune in each week to enhance your education and get the most out of your subscription.

TFC has an in house CPA who is an expert in US Taxes. By subscribing you gain access to have a CPA available to answer general questions or discuss specifics on how to maximize your gains and minimize your taxes 100% legally. 


You also gain a 25% discount on all tax services using our in house CPA for your taxes.