hree-Legged Goose is an all-in-one intraday trading system.


Three-Legged Goose Futures is the same system as our “Three-Legged Goose” indicator, simply optimized for futures trading by working across all futures market sessions.

Three-Legged Goose Futures ONLY works on futures charts, please use our original Three-Legged Goose for equities.


It features a sleek and customizable Opening range overlay with infinitely generating price targets, Average Daily Range Zones, Curated Anchored VWAPs, Total Volume and ATR analysis, as well as our state of the art Market Momentum Trend detection.


Three-Legged Goose also has important Daily levels, including the Previous Day’s High and Low and the Current Days Open, three fully customizable Exponential Moving Averages, a customizable ema cloud, and a toggleable standard vwap .

Three-Legged Goose Futures also includes overnight highs and lows as well as previous New York Session highs and lows.


Using this indicator allows you to get rid of any unnecessary indicators that are taking up those valuable slots in TradingView.



The Opening Range Breakout system builds off of our recommended 15min opening range and does all of your price target calculations based on the width of the opening range. These targets are fully customizable within the settings,

to allow fine-tuning from ticker to ticker. We have programmed three Anchored vwaps at different time intervals to act as a dynamic trend-finding instrument. These, along with the opening range breakout system, can help you quickly spot the day’s trend and dynamic support and resistance long before your standard moving averages have caught up with price intraday.


Average Daily Range Zones:

We believe these zones to be essential to trading, especially with our system. These zones tend to act as areas of major support and resistance as well as give an idea of the projected volatility of the underlying.


Market Momentum Trend Detection:

We paint our momentum analysis directly on your candles. By taking the overall Market Internals + the underlying’s Price movement, we can determine areas where we feel comfortable adding risk on or taking risk off.

This will help those that struggle at identifying trends and valid reversals.