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TFC x Topstep

Our goal at TFC is to help users pursue financial freedom through trading. One of the largest barriers to users achieving financial freedom is having the startup capital needed to trade.


This is why TFC recommends Topstep for those interested in funded trading.


Why TFC Chose Topstep

TFC vetted several top Prop Firms when deciding what would be best for our users and our staff. At the end of the day, Topstep was the clear option with reasonable costs, rules, and flexibility that they offer.

TFC has secured a 20% discount for ALL of OUR users when signing up for Topstep if/when you are ready. This applies to all account sizes offered by Topstep.


TFC is also happy to offer a 20% discount to their services once you pass the 2 phase approval process by Topstep and get funded. Simply contact staff after you are funded and get the discount applied to your account!

Ready to sign up?

Make sure you turn off your ad blocker when clicking the link so you can gain the discount!