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I’ve had several successful plays from these newsletters. AirDrake gave me a $SNAP play which turned out beautifully. Avery came in with the $BLNK play, and Tomikazi with the $JNPR play. I appreciate the hard work you guys put in!

Aweirdpenguin Newsletter Subscriber

I joined the Financial Cloud server back in September of 2020 with minimal knowledge of trading shares. During my time here, I have managed to learn a great amount of knowledge about trading options and technical analysis (TA) skills. I also have utilized the numerous bots and AI tools in the server to implement trading strategies that have positively impacted my short-term (Day/swing trading) account and long term (shares/leaps) gains. The bots (Flow/Smart Money alerts, M&A News, Upgrades/Downgrades, Dividends, Earnings, etc.) and AI (detects potential buying and selling opportunities) that The Financial Cloud team provides have made trading much easier with a higher probability of winning trades (of course, I along with everyone else, have had losing trades along the way). Starting with an allocation of $10,000 for short-term trading across two accounts, I was able to make a 38% gain from September to date.

DT PRO Newsletter Subscriber

Thank you for everything you guys do! It’s all about making us better as traders and not being 'sheep'. That is honestly the best part of this group. I appreciate everything! Thomas, Tomikazi, AirDrake, Avery, and Tay, lets keep eating together!

Kennyc14 Newsletter Subscriber

This server, as well as others, have started me down a great path. I didn't know what moderation was, but I've learned what the smart plays look like and how to execute.

Izzinova Community Member

Last week, I missed out on the newsletter plays, and I immediately made the decision to not let that happen again.2 days into the week, and I have come back from a $700 loss from last year's poor decisions and am now officially riding a net profit with TFC.Let's eat this year TFC family!

Toricruz Newsletter Subscriber

The team at The Financial Cloud have done an amazing job. You can learn how to chart, how to trade, what to trade, receive feedback, develop a trading system, broaden your trading horizon, become part of an ever-helpful community, and make a lot of money along the way. Look around, there’s a lot to see here.My recent trades courtesy of TFC:RDFN: 84% BLDP: 170% secured, runners at 225% XLF: -80% XLF (take two): +95% CVS: 80% secured, runners at 150% SQM: 100% secured, runners at 280% QQQ: 6% JNPR: 50% secured, runners at 65%

Bubba Newsletter Subscriber

The difference between TFC and ALMOST every other financial guidance, advice, teaching tools, etc. is that TFC not only allows certain access for free, but gives you the tools to be self sufficient and learn the ropes. This truly cannot be understated as the majority of people who normally comment on the server are also knowledgeable and active daily.The two things I would tell any newcomer is to READ EVERYTHING and absorb the knowledge. You also need to trust in the plan TFC has when trading or investing. Practice makes perfect so mistakes will happen, but when you follow these teachings, you will not end up losing your life savings in one go. Instead, you'll learn how to make steady gains that grow your account(s).

Tulkas Newsletter Subscriber

TFC is differentiated from just about every other server and group that I have seen. Not only do they teach and encourage traders ranging from novice to experienced, but you have access to the widest range of meaningful data possible. This can help inform you when developing your own trading plan and analysis. It’s refreshing to review fundamentals and look for solid investments as well. I’ve learned more about charting and AI (and how to use it wisely) than ever before. After losing money early on (in other servers and groups), I can state that I have taken my paper account 50 times my original investment in just under one month. Now I feel like I’m ready to graduate to my live account and apply what I’ve learned, knowing full well that I’m in the best group out there. I know this is just the beginning of an exciting journey with the coolest group of traders ever!

ChrisH Newsletter Subscriber

This is the most productive and understanding group that I have been a part of. Out of the 5 other discord servers that I have been in, this one stands out in so many ways. First of all, everyone here is knowledgeable with a yearning to learn more. They are constantly trying to hone their skills but are still willing to help the new guy learn too. It's one of the only groups where you don't feel dumb to ask a simple question. These guys also have a weekly newsletter that is extremely informational (plus a monthly investment newsletter which both are extremely undervalued for the price in my opinion). For a guy with my background, from the lowest of lows, I take great comfort having found a group like this.Thank you TFC team!

TatumTots Newsletter Subscriber