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Fortuna is the base model of Super Fortuna and uses multiple indicators, oscillators, and data points to indicate where it might be best to go long or short on a specific ticker. Fortuna is more encompassing in that there are over 100 tickers currently generating signals. Fortuna alerts are best used for day-trading purposes, whereas Super Fortuna is notoriously more restrictive in the parameters and only occasionally fires. Super Fortuna is much more accurate and can be used to swing trade or day trade.

a. Normal Candles
b. 15-minute interval, but it should work with most intervals
c. Turn off Extended Hours
d. [Optional] Setting Alerts:
i. Go to your Ticker/Symbol
ii. Right/left click and click “add alert”
iii. Choose “condition” as Fortuna or the AI name
iv. Choose the Type of Alert, “Fortuna Buy Alert” or “Fortuna Sell Alert” and options
v. Choose when you want the alert to expire
vi. Check the “Open-ended” check box
vii. Choose the alert type you want
viii. Click “Create” then “Continue Anyways”

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