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Crypto Pro

Includes a 7-Day Free Trial*
$300 $ 180 per month
  • Live Trading
  • Custom Algorithm Alerts
  • Staff Alerts
  • Crypto Chat
  • Education
  • Auto-trader (Coming Soon)

Why join us?

Our Crypto Pro Plan is finally here! Aimed at the professional crypto trader, we offer an array of tools to cut through the noise and excel in the cryptocurrency market, 24/7. Our in-house live traders are constantly highlighting potential trade opportunities. Our custom algorithms also read market trends, sort relevant coins, and automatically identify support/resistance zones, with their respective charts. 

Our community is what sets us apart. We’re looking forward to carrying our expertise into the crypto realm. We foster like-minded individuals that commune and prevail in the market together. Our cryptocurrency auto-trader is currently in development and is set to release early 2022. Passive income is possible, and we want to make that a reality for you.

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