I appreciate everything you guys have ever done for me. U guys have literally paid for 3 of my vacations and jumped my retirement into another level!
- BabySasquach
Forever grateful @Tomikazi for TFC showing me the way!!!! My family and I will forever appreciate you and your team kind sir!
- KevinLoLo
Been quiet lately but popped in, saw @Avery 's analysis of SPY. Liked and agreed what I read, bought in, sold earlier than I should but super happy with the returns. Looking forward to the next one. A solid welcome back from TFC and am continuously thankful for being a part of this community. You all rock.
- Cyan
Im so long TFC. Thanks to everyone, staff and fellow traders, for all of the education and always willing to help. Just a few months ago I was down so bad and thought about quitting multiple times but yall always reached out and pulled me off of the ledge. Now im playing both sides confidently and ive never been more excited about the future!
- Johnboy
Filled at 30% profit thanks to Tom’s commentary & Avery post.
- Jay_Deem
Thank you TFC, biggest earnings since I started trading. I reached my goal to be over PDT before graduating college, and it was accomplished; now time to stay disciplined and keep building up with classroom sessions!
- Garoto
Thanks for 20% profit bb @Avery.
- Joseph1st
I had a great first week back. Solid green everyday all week. Thanks guys.
- Zhini
nice call on AMD the 60s in the $ @No AirBrakes$SPY TSLA 220s in the money 2 for 2 thanks bud.
- Sweetness34
Thanks! Let's get wealthy enough to enjoy a life free of the stress over money!
- Hoch
Forever grateful @Tomikazi for The Financial Cloud showing me the way!!!! My family and I will forever appreciate you and your team kind sir!
Amazing Testimonial
- Dsig
Thanks for the breakdown of what you're thinking while calling out what you're seeing. Sometimes its been harder to gauge the meaning what's being said or how to view or take action on it. It's most likely because I'm still playing catch up with the past videos.
- Acidic
Watched Dapper and Sigs 3 bar lesson last night. Been playing them all day. 5 out of 6 trades were green today BEST DAY IVE HAD YET LFG
- Cory
newsletter play. buy and forget it on these long dated options Another newsletter play HD put spreads up 30% if taken yesterday. I closed some spreads.
- BearOnions
@Avery thanks for the SPY callout. Took only 1trade and made 50% on it.!
- DkBoi
Great callout on that tick divergence Sig. We were at hwb on the day as well as vwap.
- Sauce
Sig, today has been my first time day trading in months and your commentary and charts have helped me understand the movements and be profitable. Seriously appreciate it man!
- FlyingSquirrel
Merry Christmas eve to the whole TFC crew! Very thankful for all the learning I’ve acquired and will hopefully continue to acquire! Used some gains from the last month to pay for a week long snowboarding trip on Colorado later next month and am so thankful. You guys have an amazing company!! Hope everyone here has a happy holiday season.
- Mr Flipperz
Avery been a minute since I’ve traded. Your SPY levels were great. Sold for 30%+
- Austin

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