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The Freemium Plan Includes

Get free trade ideas from our expert traders. You can find a wide range of trade ideas from swings to daytrades.

TFC offers tons of free education to its freemium members. Check out the education drop down at the top of this page and follow the “FREE EDUCATION” link.

TFC prides itself on having some of the best traders you will find. You gain access to all of them to ask questions to help you learn how to improve your trading.

A monthly newsletter which goes over the current market conditions and a projection of what is to come.


A breakdown of what upcoming events will be happening and when.


Some longer term stock trade ideas and stocks to watch. 

TFC has partnered with Aries Brokerage to be able to provide all freemium members live flow right from our website. This is unfiltered options flow data coming right to you.


You must have an Aries account and login to that account on the website to access live data otherwise data shown will be 15 minutes delayed.


Find the delayed data also posting live in discord in the #options-flow channel. 

Get breaking news from our news rooms to help give you an edge on the market!

TFC is actively putting out new educational blog posts for our freemium members to enjoy. 

Get a special role in our Free Discord chat to show you are a part of the community. Ask questions and get answers from your peers.

Trading Crypto? Use our custom built crypto coin screener and technical alerts to get ideas on what to look at. Discuss it in our crypto specific chat.

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