Cloud Alerts were created to have measured results and repeatable success for your trading. Developed by TFC’s team of professional traders these alerts are based off of a combination of technical indicators and carefully adjusted conditions to produce high quality repeatable alerts. 


While flow alerts are great they rely heavily on the actions of others who can make mistakes and leave people unsure of the total expected move and not a clear trade plan. Cloud alert aims to provide a better trade experience.

Average Move:  When building out these alerts our team had clearly defined rules on what is considered a win or a loss. The average move of the underlying should produce a solid move in options price and allows users to set firm price targets and stop losses. This allows users to calculate their risk right at the time of entering the trade.


Win Rate: With the move defined we are able to directly classify something as a win or a loss. There is no human opinion involved. We aim to have all alerts maintain a win rate >75% which should give confidence to everyone who may take them that they will make money.


Profit Target: Taking the average move and the current price the user has the line they are trying to hit. Have your trade plan ready and know you got the desired target.


Stop Loss: Similar to the profit target a pre-defined stop loss allows the user to know their risk. No more are the days of not being sure when the play has failed.  


Next Earnings: Make sure you know if there is an earnings announcement coming up which may affect the trade. 


Expected Trade Time: As these algorithms were developed we were able to also track how long each trade should take. The user will be able to see if the trade fits their style and timeline. Swing traders and day traders alike will be able to pick plays that will make them money.