Class Assets

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Thursday Class Sessions Session 1: Find Tradable Ranges and Introducing the Halfway Back Strategy ( this session has been deleted by twitch)
Session 2: 3 Bar Plays, staying in and exiting trades with confidence, secondary breakout patterns
Session 4: Applying what we have learned so far
Session 6: Breakout Patterns and Structures
Session 10: Momentum Oscillators
Session 11: Regression Channels, Pitchforks, and Pivots
Session 12: Strategy Roundtable Open Discussion (Just the roundtable section)
Session 12: Charting our members bad trades (Examples section)
Session 13: Opening Range Breakouts and Retracements (just the powerpoint overview) Opening Range Breakout & .5 Retracement Examples
Session 14: Scanners, Creating a trade plan, How to find and effectively play Friday 0dte