Crypto Alerts


Local Tops & Bottoms

This alert is using a combination of RSI and Double EMAs to predict the short-term tops and bottoms of the alerted coin. This alert is not recommended for swings without extra TA.


Alert Type: Predictive, Actionable

Weakness: Large Impulsive moves. Huge candles bring false signals.

Best Used for: Scalps, early entries, and trading in intraday rectangles.

Time recommended in trade: Minutes


At Support & Resistance Zone

This alert is a progressive support and resistance zone developing with the most commonly held price within the range of the recent price movement.


At Support Zone: Price is moving Down into the Zone

At Resistance Zone: Price is moving Up into the Zone


Alert Type: Informative

Weakness: The difference between Support and Resistance can be skewed if there is consolidation in the zone. This should be apparent sideways movement.

Best Used for: Identifying Reversals and Continuation


Trend Flips

This alert is a proprietary trend analysis method intended to reduce noise, prevent fake-outs increasing responsiveness, and give signals as early as possible with confidence. This alert can be played as a breakout, but not an exit. You can use it to get into trades, but it is not recommended to be used to get out of trades.


Alert Type: Informative, Actionable

Weakness: A short-term pullback is likely to trigger a trend flip alert on long trends up or down. Take profits quickly and reference the higher time frame alert for a bigger picture.

Best used for: Confident trades, Breakout confirmation

Time recommended in trade: Hour+


Coin Sorter


$coinsorter is a command that is available for TFC Crypto Pro members.

This is a volatility ranking of all the coins we keep track of to bring forward the coins that have the highest probability of bringing you profit. 


Sam likes ATOM, he catches the bottom and gains 0.75% profit over an hour.

Sam did not use the coin sorter so he bought what he has gotten profit on in the past.

At the same time…

Mario checks the Coin Sorter and sees that CRV ranks near the top of the list, he catches the bottom and gains a 3% profit over the same hour.

Both traders gained profit, however, when equipped with the Coin Sorter, you are able to distinguish coins that have greater potential at that time. This will allow you to use your time better by taking more valuable trades.


This sorter is based on recent historical volatility and is not a predictive market indication. After large moves, coins like to be more volatile for a time after. By comparing the coins to each other we are able to find the coins that stand above the rest and are likely to bring us the most profit at that time compared to trading other coins.  


Key points to keep in mind

  1. Higher time frame alerts for longer trades, lower timeframe alerts are for shorter trades. Check #Swing-Alerts for weekly-monthly plays.
  2. When in doubt, check out what Bitcoin is doing. Altcoins commonly pivot at the same time as bitcoin. A small pullback on bitcoin could be multiple percentage points on altcoins, but the time they move is often similar.
  3. Do your due diligence, these alerts are meant to assist you in your decision to buy or sell, they are NOT telling you to full port DOGE.
  4. Leverage is not everything. You can be extremely profitable trading unleveraged crypto while risking significantly less.
  5. Crypto Trades 24/7. This allows you to trade every day, night, and weekend. If you don’t see any plays at the moment, go do something else, crypto will be there for you whenever you get back.
  6. Take Profit, Take Profit, Take Profit. Small consistent gains will bring you a fortune. If you start with an initial balance of $1000 and grow your portfolio by 2% each day, you will reach $1,000,000 in 349 days.