More Earnings Than We Can Count

Trading Newsletter – 2/14/2020

With it being a long weekend, we decided to send out the newsletter almost 10 hours ahead of schedule. Markets are closed tomorrow, but our studying should never stop. $SPY hit all-time highs with the VIX breaking a key support level (even though most traders thought a correction was imminent). I think we’ll see a massive run-up this coming week with shorts covering, but it all depends on the news. In the past year, the stock market has become ever-increasingly susceptible to COVID, tariff, or economic news. We never know what will happen, but we can prepare for it. Happy reading!

To access the trading newsletter, click this link (taking you to the ‘Downloads’ tab of your account). You should see the Trading Newsletter – 2/14/2021 PDF waiting for you! You may have to scroll over a few pages to view the current newsletter as our platform sorts in ascending order (messing up the date format).

Thank you for the support, and, as always, happy trading team!

– The Financial Cloud Team